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Designing Patterns and Instructions for Aluminum Can Crafts
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Recycle aluminum beverage cans into a work of art

Aluminum Art

Crafting Aluminum Art

Recycle your aluminum soda cans into art and crafts

Foiling Around

Aluminum Art

Keeping Tabs


Crafting Aluminum Art and Foiling Around E-books contain over 100 beautiful ideas to make and enjoy. Create wreaths, ornaments, wall hangings, picture frames, toys, baskets, boxes, flowers, cookie cutters, candle holders, and much more. Filled with full size patterns, picture and instructions, each project is a fun and easy way to recycle aluminum cans

Each book teaches you how to create amazing decorations by recycling aluminum cans. Apply many common crafting techniques to your aluminum project such as embossing, needlework, beading, and wreath making. Learn new techniques such as spoking, snapping, and wrinkling. Apply these simple techniques using common household tools to create beautiful aluminum can crafts projects.

The properties of aluminum are perfect for the art of crafting. This soft light-weight metal can be easily cut and bent into shapes to create beautiful decorations for your home. It is so resistant to the weather you can hang many of your favorite craft ideas outside for all to see. Unless you need a piece of aluminum larger than 4 inches by 8 inches, this shiny metal is right inside your refrigerator.

Keeping Tabs E-Book provides projects to create pull-tab purses, wall hanging, clothing, baskets - Learn to make aluminum soda can pop-tab chainmail. No crochet. It's so easy, but everyone will be asking you how you did it.

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Try this easy project to learn how to turn an aluminum beverage can into a Christmas ornament!

Electronic Books

Aluminum can craft ebooks are electronic books especially designed to be used with any computer. The books are PDF files written for use with Adobe Reader. If you don't already have it, you can get it free from Adobe. The ebooks are not available on CD.

Download the e-books and you will be ready to create. Don't spend even more money on office machines to copy or enlarge patterns. The patterns are full-size, designed to fit any 4 inch by 8 inch sheet of aluminum. Print them right from the e-books. Each project is hyperlinked from the table of contents with color photographs and simple easy to follow instructions.

Roses for Valentine's Day

Free craft ideas made from aluminum cans

Did you see me on That's Clever? View the Silver Bell Wreath and the Wrapped Ornament episodes with Windows Media Player.

Visit the HGTV website to see the instructions for the aluminum soda can craft projects The Wrapped Ball and The Silver Bell Wreath on HGTV's That's Clever

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Aluminous Publishing
A Craft EBook Company
Designing Patterns and Instructions for Aluminum Can Crafts
Download - Recycle - Create

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